Interview on Ask Dr. Brown

Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer, an Anglican minister, was heavily disciplined by his denomination for anti-Semitic statements.  Sizer was involved in Christ At The Checkpoint, and was called out by the Anti-Defamation League because of his statements.  I wrote an article about this issue, and was invited to speak with Dr. Michael Brown on his radio program.

My First Book! A Theological Novel

Here is the link to my first book.  It is a fiction novel about a pair of twins inside the womb of their mother, debating her existence.  From the back cover:

“A pair of tiny protagonists square off as opponents in an epic battle over ultimate truths. Tommy is ever faithful and trusting, while Remy is skeptical and analytical to a fault. The twins find themselves confined and rapidly growing within the same womb as they wrestle, debate, fuss, and fight over the most burning existential question of their lives: Does The Mother exist?”


Greek & Hebrew Language Help – Audio practice files


[audio:|titles=Greek Alphabet]


[audio:|titles=Hebrew Alphabet]

You may download the MP3 files from the RSS feed, or from iTunes!

These files are meant to be used to practice the biblical alphabets, so that they become as familiar to you as your own alphabet.  Try to recite them with and without visual aids for 15 minutes a day.  In 3 weeks you will know them by heart.  Practice makes perfect!


I had the chance to go on the radio this morning on the program Live with Birga & Dan.  It was a fun interview, and you can listen to it right here…